Create machine guarding solutions in 5 minutes

With Fence Creator, you can design and order your tailor made safe guarding solutions as easy as 1-2-3. 

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The perks of Fence Creator

Machine guarding solutions made easy

Forget heavy 3D-drawings and hours of adjustment back and forth. Meet your convenient online machine guarding creator: Fence Creator. Create your machine guarding solution in a matter of minutes. Minor adjustments are made on-site with the flexible Comp-Line modules. Made in hygienic stainless steel makes it suitable for the pharma- and food industry.

Fence Creator is always-on

No matter your deadline Fence Creator is always available for your convenience. Experience the perks of designing your fence online, and quick sharing with selected project collaborators. Fence Creator is cloud-based which enables quick sharing and flexibility to meet deadlines.

When fences were the last thing on your mind

Machine guarding solutions are often forgotten or poorly prioritized. The reality is that fences are critical for safety regulations and active production time. With Fence Creator, you can fix those last-minute adjustments with a single click.

Build your fence online in 5 minutes

See how Fence Creator works

Comp-Line 100 % hygienic and cleaning-friendly

Comp-Line is machine guarding for the food industry and pharma. Comp-Line is constructed without any horizontal surfaces, which provides high hygiene and cleaning-friendliness.

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